In the last years,
Science developments are beeing focused
more, more and more on Cymatics.

Cymatics is the study of the physical transfer of energy that happens
when an elastic medium (such a liquid, water) is beeing deformed by The Sound.

That deformations are related to a subset of modal vibrational phenomena
generating dynamic patterns while shaping the medium boundaries
under what we know as: “Sacred Geometry”

Every cell and molecule inside our body
encloses different algebraic (Rn ) subset of particles
arranged under an specific geometric shape (Order).

But human activities and electromagnetic fields
generated by other humans or machines
tends to corrupt the “perfection” (Chaos) of the hypergeometry
inside the cells and molecules,
sometimes by ionization (losing some electrons)
and sometimes by polarization (dividing particles into 2 groups).

Not only the physical action of the low frequency sound wave
crossing our skin, muscles, nerves, bones and body,
rearranging the internal shape of molecules
and cells inside The Body is generated by subwoofers

Also the craneal cavity resonance will induce
different levels of brainwave entrainment between the different humans synched into that acoustic stimulus,
the use of an optic stimulus such an stroboscopic light will boost the brainwave amplitude.

SInce 2015,
I was doing different experiments with different humans,
measuring relationships of tibetan bowls and tunning forks,
always ending in (π) and (Φ) ratios.
At the end we could design a table of ratios
of overtone generation for scientific Sound Healing sessions following a similar
approach as Physiotherapy uses with infrasound techniques.

Each individual session
should be a maximum 40 minutes experience using as our Source
a custom refurbished W bin subwoofer enclosure
from the 80’s with an Eminence LAB 15″ driver
delivering 600W RMS at 2 meters of The Body
with a resonant peak at 49 Hz (√49=7)

The bed area and surroundings
are enclosed by a 3 dimensional hyperspherical rotating electromagnetic field
generated by 3 mini “Tesla Towers” which up on my last experiments
helps to reduce the ionization of the skin by the transfer
from acoustic energy into kinetic energy on The Body
while boosting The Mind potential for the generation of brainwaves.

Also you can light up a led with your head if you want
(using the energy created by the potential difference of your Body)

There are different 5 different sessions depending the results you want to achieve

Gamma (γ)81-35 HzConcentration Boost, Problem Solving
Beta (β)12–35 HzMind Activation, External Attention
Alpha (α)8–12 HzReflection Activation, Passive Attention
Theta (θ)4–8 HzRelaxation Activation, Internal Attention
Delta (δ)0.5–4 HzDeep Relax, Anxiety & Stress Solving