Numbers Level π

Pyhtagorean Runes

(π) Deus
(e) Diabolus
(Φ) Gigantium

Numbers Level ᛟ
Elder Futhark Runes

(ᛜ) Monad
(ᛖ) Dyad
(ᛞ) Tryad
(ᛗ) Tetrad
(ᛟ) Dekad

Numbers Level 
Hermetic Runes

(+∞) AEon
(-∞) Source
( i ) Human

Numbers Level Φ
Egyptian Runes

(ψ) Taurus

(δ) Sphynx
(ρ) Phoenix

Numbers Level 1

Persian Runes

( ۳ ) Trinity
( ٢ ) Duality
( ١ ) Singularity

Numbers Level 0
Fibonacci Runes

(0) Origin
(-1) Symmetry
( ℝ ) “Real” Numbers

The basic elements
of Euclidean plane geometry
are points and lines.

On spherical geometry,
points are the same also..

But the analogue of the “line”
is the “great circle” (orthodrome)
the defining characteristic of a great circle
is that The Plane containing all its points
also passes through The Center of The Sphere.

Any diameter (line)
of any “great circle”
is the same than
The Diameter of The Sphere

The Dekad
(The Knot)
The Elder Futhark Odal rune
The Tetractys

is a 1-dimensional sphere
embededed into a 3-dimensional Euclidean space

the next generalization
is to consider a two-dimensional sphere {\mathbb  {S}}^{2} 
embedded into a 4-dimensional Euclidean space \R^4

And we will generate The Toroid by knots

Every knot in the n-sphere \mathbb{S}^n 
is the link of a real agebraic set
with isolated singularity {\displaystyle \mathbb {R} ^{n+1}}

One “circle” in Euclidean 3D-space
is one of the infinite great circles
that you can project from The Sphere
in a 4-dimensional Euclidean space

. Any diameter of any “great circle” (humans) (δ)
coincides with the diameter of The Sphere (God) (π)
and therefore all great circles have the same center
and circumference as each other,
while beeing different projections
from different projections points
of the same sphere.

God (π encloses (ᛟ )  The aeon (+∞)

The aeon (+∞) 
encloses (ᛟ ) The Cosmos (e)

The Cosmos (e) 
encloses (ᛟ )  The Change ( Φ )

The Change ( Φ 
encloses (ᛟ )  The Human (δ)

The Human (δ) 
encloses (ᛟ )  The Body (ψ)

The Body (ψ) 
encloses (ᛟ ) The Soul (ρ)

The Soul (ρ) 
encloses (ᛟ ) The Mind (i)

The Mind (i) 
encloses (ᛟ )  The Singularity (1)

The Singularity (1) 
encloses (ᛟ )  The Origin (0)

The Origin (0) 
encloses (ᛟ )  The Symmetry (-1)

 The Symmetry (-1) encloses (ᛟ ) The Source (-∞)

The Source (-∞)
encloses (ᛟ )  God (π)

what here equals to 
for The Cosmos equals πx

what here equals to 3 
for The Cosmos equals ex

what here equals to x 2 
for The Cosmos equals Φx

what here equals to 1/2 
for The Cosmos equals ψx

what here equals to 1/3 
for The Cosmos equals 

what here equals to x 1
 for The Cosmos equals δx

what here equals to x -1
 for The Cosmos equals ix

The analog of the great circle
under a toroidal model are the
Villarceau circles

The Concept of The Monad

Infinite Encoding Matrix
The Laves Graph
The Gyroid

*For math & vocabulary definitions
please refer to Corpus Hermeticum

*Also check previous works from 
Pythagoras of Samos,
Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī,
Leonhard Euler, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Joseph Fourier,
Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, Charles PisotJakob Steiner

 Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter, Robert Steinberg, Nikola Tesla & Isaac Newton


– ∞≠ +
-∞i =+ i
Projection Plane
(Infinite Pyramidal Tesseract)

-∞ =+
0   1
Projection Point

The Cosmos
0 = 1

0 = 1
-∞ =+
The Change

The Theory Of Everyhting
“we need to know until now”



It’s the hyperdimensional obsession,
every human soul had, has and will have,
for finding the arithmetic model and pattern
that relates the ratios of projections
over different dimensional levels
inside The Cosmos.

(π(Φ) (ψ) (ρ)

Around 1.675 AC
more than 300 years ago,

sir Isaac Newton

The Last Alchemist
The First Scientist

started with the first experiments around the question:
¿How important is the whole body in the perception of sound?

Thanks to all the souls for your projection point:
for helping us to understand
The Cosmos

in the shadows,
Is The ProtoScience
that always grows with a vision
alongside The Humankind evolution.
Based on The Hermetic greek phylosophy,
which was based on the secrets from Thoth
By studying The Numbers and The Letters
long time ago written by THE GIANTS
Recovering the lost knowledge,
that once 1 made us to shine
as the strongest of
The Diamonds

The Stereochemistry

The diamond cubic crystal structure
is a repeating pattern of 8 atoms
that certain materials may adopt as they solidify.

While the first known example was Diamond,
other elements adopt this structure,
such semiconductors as Silicon & Germanium

The atomic packing factor of the diamond cubic structure
(the proportion of space that would be filled by spheres that are centered
on the vertices of the structure and are as large as possible without overlapping)
is  (π√3) /16

Pole figure in stereographic projection
of the diamond lattice showing the 3-fold symmetry along the [111] direction.

A very special representation of an infinite cubic symmetric graph
it’s The Lava Graph,
it can be embedded in a 3 dimensional space with integer coordinates