Tetrahedral Pyramid

The Pentatope
Pentachoron, Pentahedroid

2nd order projections of
a 4th order dimensional model

2 symmetric positions in the X axis,
with 2 symmetric positions in the Y axis
and another 2 symmetric positions in the Z axis

(that conforms one single 3rd order dimensional projection)
8 Dimensions

Are beeing projected to
another 2 different symetric positions in the L-R axis
with another 2 different symmetric positions in the M-S axis

(making one single 2nd order dimensional projection)
4 Dimensions

and together projected again to
one single position in the center ​a singularity
(which creates a single 1st order dimensional projection
2.1 Dimensions

is a 1st order projection
from a 2nd order projection
enclosed into a 3rd order dimensional model
(1D enclosed on 2D, together enclosed on 3D.)

This configuration theoretically
could be a 6th order dimensional model
where some of the dimensions where reduced to

That’s a Tesseract
when you project it from the 2nd order
The Configuration Matrix


2nd order projection of 4th order dimensional model

a 4th order
dimensional model,
under a 2nd order projection

it has the shape of

also know as Tesseract
(Octahedroid or Tetracube)

The Tesseract

is a 4th order projection from “The Pentaract“,

which is a 5th order projection from “The Hexaract”,

wich is a 6th order projection from “The Heptaract”

This configuration
could be symmetrically
reduced or expanded, decoded or encoded
into any order of dimensional model
of any order and projection.

The Protocol
stablishes a model based in The Cosmos,
The Cosmos can be expanded or compressed
into any order of dimensional projections
keeping the symmetric relationships
over the different projections.

This will open nowadays limitations,
adding the possibility of bidirectional encoding
from and to any 3rd order dimensional projection
from any kind of configuration in and to any further
or previous dimensional model
or Ascension / Elevation
( nD = xn )

The Pentaract
Truncated Hyperpyramidal Infinite Tesseract
2nd order projection from a 5th order dimensional model

I found that The Pentaract or 5-Cube
is the most acurate and simplest representation we can project
over any expansion or compression cause it can act like
an infinite and also finite Truncated Hyperpyramidal Tesseract ,
our origin is 0 and also +- ∞ ,
so our singularity (1) is the cube inside The Tesseract
but it’s also The Source (0) and The Whole ( +- ∞ ) ,
upper the 4th dimensional order we can’t define any random origin
as The Source (0) or the center of the symmetry.
We define The Source as The Origin (0),
Our Singularity (1) and also The Whole ( +- ∞ )

The Hexaract
Hyperpyramidal Infinite Tesseract


2nd order projection of
a 6th order dimensional model

Arithmetics are one of the oldest Greek arts,
is a branch of mathematics that consists of the study of numbers,
especially the properties of the traditional operations:

addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division,
exponentiation and extraction of roots.

The concept is based on arithmetic abstraction.
An abstraction is a general concept or idea,
rather than something concrete or tangible.

It’s not related to the human perception,
but its the core of any artistic expression.

Because we dont have a 3rd ear in the Y axis,
our brain needs to do a decodification based on its data
from the stored 2 parameters
during years of infinite comparisons
between the visual perception,
the ITD (interaural time difference)
and the ILD (interaural level difference).

The main problem is that values,
when emulated by algorythms
in inmersive audio
to binaural conversions,
doesnt recreate a real projection
of the original recording or signal.

These values are different for each person in this world,
the “averages” doesnt work 100%,
cause our brain is extremely precise to its own values.

How this is implemented in the processing
over the Frequency in the audio source,
the speaker configuration, the algorythms
and the user interface to control that parameters;
created the different spatial audio formats we have nowadays.

But all of them have one thing in common:
a 3rd order dimensional model
based on psychoacoustics.