Is the ancient Pythagorean concept
claiming that the movements of galaxies, celestial bodies,
humans, animals, vegetals, cells, atoms, hadrons, quarks, bosons…

Everything that exists and everything that doesn’t exist,
follows specific arithmetic and algebraic equations based on ratios

The harmonious sounds that the humans make, The Music
is only our approximation of this larger harmony
between The Cosmos & God (π)

“The Harmony of The Spheres”

The Music tell us something
about Maths and Arithmetics
that The Physics doesn’t know,
neither they are able to measure

The way we create scales in The Music,
are the ratios we make doing projections
from 12 semitones into x2 Hz:

a ratio of 12√2 Hz

And The Harmonics
are related to same arithmetic pattern

Arithmetics are one of the oldest Greek arts,
is a branch of mathematics that consists of the study of numbers,
especially the properties of the traditional operations:

addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division,
exponentiation and extraction of roots.

The concept is based on arithmetic abstraction.

An abstraction is a general concept or idea,
rather than something concrete or tangible.

It’s not related to the human perception,
but its the core of any artistic expression.

Any irrational number could be used to create scales
or harmonic divisions, but If we apply in
Arts, Music, Architecture,Designs,
Biology, Physics, Astronomy

The Ratios
that The Cosmos

(π(e) (Φ)
(ψ(ρ) (δ)

is using for encoding
and decoding projections
over its different dimensional levels…

We will find that actually we were using
numbers that doesn’t work outside our perception,
neither for The Cosmos, neither for Quantum Physics
because that numbers doesn’t exist,
we created inside our own mind,
our own projection.

The Numbers
we use from the 4th,

are our projection of the ratios
created by Tesselations

of the different dimensional roots (√)
from hyperpyramides generated
by our ortographic

we should use,

(π)(Φ) (ψ) (ρ)
-∞ ,-1, 0, 1, 2, 3, + ∞

“The Energy
has an inversed quadratic proportionality to The Time
but a direct lineal proportionality to The Mass
and a direct quadratic proportionality to The Space”

“The 4 Elements

Space, Time,
Energy and Mass

are shaped by The Change
in a different hierarchic ratio
over an hyperpyramidal projection

defined by the relationship
from the order of the dimensional projection
and the order of the dimensional model
(δ) (Φ) (ψ) (ρ)

(Φ) x (X x Y x Z)
(e) x (Sxyz) / (e) x (Txyz)
(π) x (ESTxyz) / (π) x (MSTxyz)

Maybe there are more dimensions
outside The Energy and The Mass

Love? Hate?

But until we could find what is over there
affecting in different hierarchic (dimensional) levels
The Energy, The Mass, The Space and The Time.
we need to call it
The Change


(ψ) (π) 0 (δ) (Φ) (ρ)
– ∞

All the other numbers you can imagine are

The Tesselations



(+ ∞)
( i )
(e) (δ) (π) (1)
(ψ) (Φ) (ρ)

The Pattern Of THE SOURCE

1 = 0
-∞ (δ) (Φ) (ρ)  (i) (e) (π(ψ)
0 = 

The definition of Sound :

Hyperdimensional proyection
of The Change in The Energy and The Mass
over The Time and The Space inside The Earth‘s atmosphere

The definition of Music

Extradimensional perception of
hyperdimensional arithmetics and geometry