The 4 elements
with 3 dimensions each

Taking as example The Space,
we have:

Lenght (x),
Surface (x, y)
and Volume (x,y,z).

Each axis added create a new dimension with an exponential grow,
meters, squared meters and cubic meters

If we take as an example The Time , we found the same,
The Speed is a first order dimensional projection
of The Time inside The Space

The Acceleration
is the 2nd order projection
of The Time inside The Space:
(Space divided by the square of Time)
and we measure it in m/s².

measured in Newtons x meter,
as newtons is a Force unit,
we can simplify newtons as kg x m/s² ,
so Torque = M x S²/T² .

We can see above
how the dimensions
for the 4 different elements
Mass, Time, Space and Energy
are correlated always in a matrix.

So always when one axis change,
all the other the other axis
that are connected to them
change also to balance
The Cosmos

We can simplfy all that with:

E = M x S2 / T2

“The Energy has
direct lineal proportionality to The Mass
direct quadratic proportionality to The Space
inversed quadratic proportionality to The Time

The 4 elements

Space -Time
Energy – Mass

shaped by The Change
in a different hierarchic ratio
over an hyperpyramidal projection
from the order of the dimensional model
and the order of the dimensional projection
(δ) (Φ) (ψ) (ρ)

So now we have The 4 Elements related,
we need to project them in an upper dimensional model,
to see The Cosmos

The Space-Time & The Mass-Energy
from The Change
projection point,
that means:

3 orders up from:
The Animals (XYZ)


2 orders up from
The Human: (XYZ)(Φ)


1 order up from
The Cosmos: (XYZ)(Φ) (ψ)

(δ)(Φ) (ψ)

So from
The Change (XYZ) (Φ) (ψ) (ρ)
(δ)(Φ) (ψ) (ρ)

projection point

If we go a bit further and we look from outside
as the formula relates a quadratic dependency
betwen The Space with The Time
and The Energy with The Mass
it looks like we are enclosed
into a dimensional model
(The Cosmos)

with 3 elements
in the 1st order (axis: x, y z)

2 elements
in the 2nd order (Space, Time)

and another 2 elements
on the 3rd order (Energy, Mass)

(Φ) x (X x Y x Z)
(e) x (Sxyz) / (e) x (Txyz)
(π) x (ESTxyz) / (π) x (MSTxyz)

If we perceive The Energy and The Space
with a quadratic relationship
of The Time and The Space
is because we are inside:

an arithmetic
dimensional model

It’s very hard to make reconstruction
or neither a 2nd order projection
taking in acount the shape of a 322-cube 

The Arithmetics
should be the same than for a 81- Cube
but what I could abstract projecting myself
enclosed into a 322 configuration
is something similar to that:

From outside the 32,
the 2nd dimensional order,
it looks like that

6 Tethraedral Pyramids
(+-X, +-Y , +-Z)

enclosed inside a Tesseract


If we continue over upper dimensional projections
we will understand how complex is The Cosmos,
from something managed by Order,
starts looking to be managed by Chaos

If we continue the abstraction
and we project over more dimensional levels,
The Cosmos will ended shaped as a Toroid.
In some point,
The Cosmos collapses
and has a Toroidal behaviour

If we continue,
The Toroid encloses itself by layers of dimensional levels
The Cosmos reflects The Mass and The Energy
in an upper level of The Space and The Time.

The Energy or The Mass
creates the inside dimension of The Toroid
and The Mass or The Energy
the outside dimension,
enclosing together
The Space
The Time

All the next dimensional orders
are totally outside of our perception and they enclose
The Dark Matter and The Dark Energy

The Cosmos
is a self collapsed 81-dimensional hypercube
with a toroidal behaviour

The Cosmos
is a 3rd order dimensional model
based on a collapsed 322– cube

The Cosmos is also
a 2nd order

hexeract duoprism,
tesseract trioprism
hypercube tetraprism
square hexaprism
based on

a tetraedral pyramid
with a toroidal shape

The Cosmos is finite,
and enclosed inside this toroidal
dimensional model

Inside hyperdimensional or relativistic arithmetics,
the shape of The Toroid geometrically means that The Source is:

The Origin (0)
The Singularity (1)
and The Whole (+- ∞ )

– There are not indeterminate forms
inside the hyperdimensional arithmetic

model of The Toroid:

0 / 0 = 1
∞ / ∞ = 1
0 x ∞ = 1
∞ – ∞ = 1

00 = 1
1= 1
0 = 1

1 / 0 = 1

– We are missing information in our projections,
The Change that happens in several dimensions
of The Energy (Dark Energy)
and The Mass (Dark Matter)

That 2 elements,
The Energy and The Mass
are not totally inside our perception
cause they are creating the next dimensions
of The Toroid: The Time and The Space

from inside the first order projection
of our 3rd order dimensional model:

the next dimensions of The Energy
and the next dimensions from The Mass
are outside the projection
face of Our Toroid.

Geometrically it looks
like they are 4 dimensions
of the 12-dimensional model
4×3 = D12
hexeract duoprism,
tesseract trioprism,
cube tetraprism and square hexaprism
that doesn’t connect in any of its vertices
or faces with our 2nd order dimensional model
before collapsing into an infinite toroidal surface
based on a Tesseract made by Tethraedral Pyramids

also know as Hexadekerac or Tesseract Tetraprism
a 16th order dimensional model
4×4 = 42
D16. or 16 – Cube

At the end It’s only possible to understand

The Sound
is a projection of The Change in The Energy and The Mass
over The Time and The Space inside our planet, The Earth.

The Music
is our perception of the arithmetics from
the ( 322 ) geometric model of The Cosmos

Maybe there are more dimensions outside The Energy and The Mass.
But until we could find what is over there affecting in different hierarchic levels
The Energy, The Mass, The Space and The Time.
we need to call it
The Change

The Sound
is our hypergeometric projection
from The Change

The Music
is our perception from the ratios
of how The Change is encoded and decoded
over the different dimensional orders
(δ) (Φ) (ρ) (ψ)