Born in Madrid in the 90’s, Raul Alvarez is a sound engineer involved in different projects in the last years such: Sony Music, Apple Music, Google IO, Red Bull Music Academy, Catalyst, MONOM, 4DSOUND, Funkhaus, Analog Defense Network, 2RB Records and many more….

Under different aliases; he has an extended catalog of several releases on diverse international labels such: Ben Sims platform Symbolism, Noise Manifesto, ARTS, Toolroom, Devotion, Elektrotribe or Fallen Metropolis.

He worked for artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Aphex Twin, DVS1 or Richie Hawtin but his sound is influenced by the first steps of electronic music and developed with an alchemist soul, evolving from an old school background to an experimental and futuristic approach.

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With the rise of spatial sound systems we are reaching a new decade where the immersive sound experience will lead the change for a new way of listening to music. 

We are introducing new services focused on artists, record labels and agencies; or those who want to join into the future without boundaries; listening to music in stereo systems, line arrays, dance stacks, theatres, headphones, multichannel systems, VR or ambisonics applications. 

The format “360 degrees” (ambisonics 1st order) is encoded into a stereo/binaural .wav file using our custom process. You can best enjoy the 360° sounds with headphones but also with normal stereo systems.

Mixdown service using custom ambisonics, M/S and psychoacoustic techniques developed with 4DSOUND (NL) and the University st Mark & st John (UK) to generate depth in the X, Y and Z axis of a single stereo file adding space and definition to projects with a maximum of 24 stereo (or mono) channels.

Mastering service using custom ambisonics, M/S and psychoacoustic techniques developed with 4DSOUND (NL) and the University st Mark & st John (UK) to emphasize the X, Y and Z axis of a single stereo file while keeping the transients and dynamics from the original stereo mix adjusted to the Loudness Unit levels of our industry standards.  


This services had been beta tested and developed during the last years listening the feedbacks while working with artists such Jean-Michel Jarre, Aphex Twin, DVS1, Oneothrix Point Never, Aleksi Perala, Varg, Drew McDowall, Puce Mary, Lotic, Richie Hawtin, Peggy Gou, Lucy, Regal and many more.


per track per track
Single1 track // up to 15 mins
EP2 – 6 tracks // up to 40 mins
LPmore than 6 tracks // more than 40 mins


Standard Delivery Formats

(any encoding upon request)

– Mixdown:
Stereo – 24 bit PCM – 44.1 Khz – WAV

– Digital mastering:
Stereo – 16 bit PCM – 44.1 Khz – WAV

– Vinyl mastering:
Stereo – 24 bit PCM – 44.1 Khz – WAV


Jean-Michel Jarre
Robots Don’t Cry (2018)

Binaural Encoding
Mixdown 360º

Marc Brauner
Beer & Breakbeat
EP (2019)
Mastering 360º

Cristian Marras
R.I.P (Rave In Peace)
EP (2019)
Mixdown 360º

Denis Rodd
Minotaur EP
Mixdown 360º

Drew McDowall live
CTM Festival (2019)

Binaural Encoding
Mastering 360º

Fallen Metropolis
Pedestrian LP (2018)

Mastering 360º

Orlok 101
Runaway EP (2019)

Mastering 360º

Alvaro Suarez
Valkirya (2018)

Mastering 360º

Some artists we worked for:

Zak Khutoretski (DVS1), Aphex Twin, Jean-Michel Jarre, William Russel, Aleksi Perälä, Frederikke Hoffmeier (Puce Mary) Stanislav TolkachevEomac, Irazu, Richie Hawtin, Moog Conspiracy, Jonas Rönnberg (Varg), Christian Rütz (Fallen Metropolis), SchackePablo Peces (Roll Dann), Jesus Ruiz (asstnt), Gabriel Casssina (Regal) Oneothrix Point Never, Juan Montero, Walter Molino, Alvaro Suarez, Luca Mortellaro (Lucy), J’Kerian Morgan (Lotic), Dasha Redkina, Drew McDowall, Nöle, Ana Zaragoza (Dinamite), Diego Heredia, Yu Asaeda (Ena) , Ayako MoriHiromi Moritani (Phew), Enrique Jesus (Manrish), Borja Del Pie (Gavio), Daniel Tebar (SlugoS) , Samuel Castillo, Roy Siny, David Lazaro (Neurite) and many more…

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